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CEO of Meta-IQ

Professor Søren Nielsen MD. PhD, CEO at 2A Pharma and CEO of Meta-IQ

Professor Søren Nielsen, MD, dr.med. Aalborg University is one of the world’s leading scientists in the field of cellular/molecular biology, physiological and pathological studies of aquaporins, sodium channels and transporters with more than 380 articles published. He brings to 2A Pharma also invaluable business knowledge through Action Pharma A/S where he was co-founder and Executive (CEO 2001-2010, COO 2010-2012) and raised EUR 30 million to conduct clinical trials (Phase 2a & 2b) with AP214 – a candidate for acute renal failure – in Europe and the United States. AP214 was acquired in May 2012 by Abbott, Chicago (~ $ 110 million). For his research, he has received several awards, including the Novo Nordisk Prize, the Novo Nordisk Foundation 2009.

Direct contact

E: sn@meta-iq.com

E: sn@2apharma.com

P: +45 25 39 41 37


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