MIQ 001 in Multiple Sclerosis

Pipeline multiple sclerosis. Our first indication will be SP-MS

AON:  Acute ocular neuritis (AON) is an inflammatory disease of the optic nerve that may cause impaired vision, pain in the eye and reduced color vision. Patients with AON have up to 75% chance of developing Multiple Sclerosis. There are today only very few treatment options available, and current therapies are only able to extend the disease free period, whereas MIQ-001 is expected to fully halt the disease with no relapse.

SP-MS : There is no known cure for multiple sclerosis. Treatments attempt to improve function after an attack and prevent new attacks. Current medication used to treat MS while modestly effective can have adverse effects and be poorly tolerated. Secondary progressive multiple sclerosis (SP-MS) account for about 30% of all Multiple Sclerosis cases and is characterized by nerve degradation eventually leading to loss of life. MIQ 001 has in animal models shown promising results which are to be confirmed in the planned phase II trials.

MIQ-001 has a New Mode of Action

MIQ-001 works via a new mode of action. Meta-IQ has found that a metabolism shift in the brain from a glucose to a fatty acid metabolism seems to be the basis of Multiple Sclerosis and several other brain diseases. The effect of this shift is that the myelin sheet which is build up of the myelin protein coupled to fatty acids is slowly falling apart. In addition several receptors on nerve cells that use fatty acids to transmit their signals no longer have these lipids and are therefore not functioning anymore. In addition the fatty acid metabolism generates large amounts of molecules that stimulate the immune system, inducing the inflammatory response locally in the brain.

The medicine MIQ-001 blocks fatty acid metabolism. By blocking the fatty acid metabolism, the lipid levels in the brain are coming back to normal levels. This has the effect that the myelin sheet is being repaired again, guaranteeing normal nerve cell signaling, in addition, the inflammatory response is brought to rest and the receptors that need fatty acids to signal are supplied again with these molecules are fully functioning again.

In short MIQ-001 resets the functioning of the brain to the normal situation.