John D. Vestergaard Nieland, CSO, Founder of Meta-IQ

John D. Nieland, PhD and Associated professor at Aalborg University, the department of Health Science and Technology. He is co-funder of Meta-IQ. John holds a Master’s Degree in biochemistry from the University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands and obtained his PhD at the Free University of Amsterdam medical faculty. He brings broad management experience, an in-depth research background in immunology and an expertise in the development of biopharmaceuticals. He worked as head of immunology and later director of research at Medigene and held the position of vice president preclinical research at Borean Pharma. John initiated and collaborated on numerous patent applications some of which products are now entering the market or technologies that are being developed. While working at Medigene, he was involved in the development of the HPV vaccine. This vaccine is now on the market and is based on patents John was a co-inventor on. John furthermore, was involved in projects like polyphenon E that is at the moment sold in the US and in short will be sold in Europe.

He has a large experience with the coordination and development of clinical trials. During the development of these trials he has had meetings with the German and English authorities (Paul Ehrlich Institute and MDA), to discuss the setup and execution of the testing of the medicine in humans. Furthermore, he helped writing the documents for FDA meetings. John has taken both company and medicine to exit. While working at Borean Pharma, he was involved in selling a heart disease project to Roche for over 30 million €, and Borean was sold later on to an American investor.

Direct contact


P: +45 22 48 22 76