Founder/Chairman of the Board of Meta-IQ

Jette G.K. Nieland, MSc, Chairman of the Board, founder and partner of Meta-IQ. She has an MSc degree in Psychology from the Department of Psychology at the University of Aarhus and is authorized by the Danish Supervisory Board of Psychological Practice. Jette has also studied and worked at J.F. Kennedy University CA. She has worked at the Aalborg University and Aalborg Hospital with responsibility for the psychological treatment of children with cancer, psychosomatic diseases etc. Since 1999 Jette has setup and run her own company very successfully, where she treated a large number of patients with brain diseases (i.e. depression, schizophrenia and multiple sclerosis). In 2007 she founded the company Acindria ApS, Business Psychology Consultation and Clinical Practice. In 2008 she founded the company Meta-IQ ApS together with John Dirk Nieland.  October 2013 Acindria ApS took over Meta-IQ ApS.

Jettes background in biology and clinical psychology in particular her 20 year of experience in the treatment of depression, multiple sclerosis and stress induced dementia in addition to organizational psychology evolved in new ideas and new levels of understanding how systems work together. Jette brought in the approach of systemic thinking in medicine on which basis Meta-IQ developed the theory for the development and treatment of brain diseases. When applied to depression, multiple sclerosis and Alzheimer, the company now has identified medicine that is able to treat these diseases and has proven to be exceptionally better in comparison to medicine that is on the market or in development elsewhere. Jette will in collaboration with John, continue to develop Meta-IQs thinking and hypothesis of systemic thinking of brain diseases.

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P: +45 20 73 70 79