Meta-IQ is a Danish Biotech company  dedicated to the development of innovative treatment for Acute ocular neuritis (AON) and Secondary progressive multiple sclerosis( SP-MS). Meta-IQ will as the first indication focus on patients with SP-MS

The synergy of systems work: In systemic thinking one tries to look at a problem from above and tries to identify all factors involved in the problem, identify how these factors influence each other and how they give meaning to each other. The scientific basis for the development of medicine is, as symbolized by the Meta-IQ logo, that diseases develop due to an imbalance in the immunological, psychological and metabolic state of a person which is placed upon the genetic foundation for every individual. For an indept explanation see the explanation of the Logo

Meta-IQ is founded by Dr. John D. Nieland and M.Sc. Jette G. K. Nieland. Jette has international experience as a clinical and business psychologist with systemic thinking as basis.  Jette has her M.Sc. in psychology from the University of Aarhus and systemic thinking from JFK University CA.  John has an international experience in biotech and pharma and he has a Ph.D. in medicine from the Free University in Amsterdam medical faculty.

In September 2011, the group of Manchester of the University of California in San Diego confirmed the data of Meta-IQ in Multiple Sclerosis. Dr. Marianne Manchester confirmed that Meta-IQ’s drug restores the myelin sheet that protects the individual neurons, and thereby cures the laming of the muslces in mice. Article UCSD Etomoxir in MS


 Søren Nielsen, MD. PhD
Søren Nielsen, MD. PhDCEO of Meta-IQ and CEO at 2A Pharma
Martin G. Kloth, Academic degree in economi from Danfoss A/S
Martin G. Kloth, Academic degree in economi from Danfoss A/SCFO & Board member of Meta-IQ, CFO Acindria
Jette G. K. Nieland, MSc
Jette G. K. Nieland, MScFounder & Chairman of the Board at Meta-IQ, CEO Acindria
John D. Vestergaard Nieland, PhD and Associated professor at Aalborg University
John D. Vestergaard Nieland, PhD and Associated professor at Aalborg UniversityFounder & CSO at Meta-IQ


Dr. Angelique Corthals

Asst Professor, Forensic and bioedical Sciense, City University of New York

Prof. Dr. Roland Martin and Dr. Sven Shipling

Supervisors and Clinical Managers in MS, University of Zurich, Switzerland


Jette G.K. Nieland

Chairman of the Board

Martin Kloth


Keld Nomanni 

Lawyer (Supreme Court)

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